Andean Girl

Profile Andrew Bromberg (b. 1968) is
an American architect based
in Hong Kong. Bromberg qualified
as an architect in the U.S. In 2000,
he left for Hong Kong to experience
Asia. Central to Bromberg’s work is
an underlying philosophy valuing
“Human Sustainability” as vital to
the success of a project and important
as an extension of the public realm.

Publications: New Architecture in the Emerging World:
Projects by Andrew Bromberg
(Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers, 2012)
Andrew Bromberg: Envisioning
a New Architecture 
(a+u magazine, 2011)
Architecture and Sensuality -
Andrew Bromberg of Aedas:
Recent Works (Oro Editions, 2008)

Yuki Sumner
Publicist for Andrew Bromberg
Andrew Bromberg